Chris decided that he doesn’t want to get a guide dog just now as he has his GCSE’s this year and the dog may be too much of a distraction. He will apply again at the end of term.

After a lot of consideration we decided that the best solution to Chris’s Tech’  needs was to forgo the combined equipment as detailed previously and instead go for a modular approach.

We defined Chris’s requirements as follows :-

Portable and light PC

Portable document scanner/reader.

audio GPS/compass.

Braille keyboard-with minimum 40 cell display .

Accessible voice recorder

We identified two likely document scanners. the “IRead Now” http://bit.ly/IReadNow from HandyTech and the K-Reader http://bit.ly/KReader

we selected the K-Reader on a Nokia E71

The braille interface we chose was the Handy Tech Braillino http://bit.ly/braillino. The voice recorder the Olympus Dm5 http://bit.ly/olyDM5


Visit to RNIB Open Day, Liverpool

A useful trip out. We saw some new products from “Human Ware Europe” most notably the “BrailleNote Apex” a brilliant PC/notebook with Windows OS, E-Mail, Internet access, Mp3 recorder/player and FM radio. This has a Braille keyboard(Optional Qwerty) and 32 cell stylus terminal and includes 8GB memory with various media ports – 3xUSB, XD, DVI and more.  It costs nearly £4k though.

Chris enrolled in a scheme with “Action For The Blind”

Meeting people from “Humanware” again at Sight Village on Wednesday.

We made a request last week through TWITTER @RNIB  for a good screen-reader to use with TWITTER.  NVDA was suggested and has proved excellent. Link in Blogroll.



Over the next few months I am heavily involved with  helping my son to get a guide dog from the Guide Dogs Association. I’m also attending RNIB open day at Liverpool Gateway and the “Sight Village” event  in Birmingham.

In between I am enrolled on David Miliband’s Future leaders course in Manchester in late July.

I will blog here on both subjects.


22nd June 2012

It’s a shame the Olympics & World Cup had to be canceled after the serious civil unrest and  then infection across our major cities. Though it’s also a crime that the Nation’s money alloted to the Olympics and World Cup is no longer available to be  distributed amongst the millions upon millions of almost destitute across the land.  ‘Land’ as it is no longer a Nation.

The N.H.S. now in ruins, was not funded adequately to deal with the epidemic of December 2010 when Spanish Flu, that killed millions in 1916, returned to savage the already underfed and  ill people that populated the least wealthy areas of  what was then the UK.

The past two years have destroyed any notion of a United Kingdom. In Northern Ireland, Northern England and Wales the infrastructure has disintegrated, the people were and are  hungry, desperate, unable to afford power or transport. After months of complete exasperation they began to help each other and turn against the rotten and disgraced, unelected Tory Government. The genuine Liberal party people soon moved towards the Labour party after the second “Emergency Budget”  in  2010 when the disastrous effects of the June Budget hit home. The disgraced right-wingers that infiltrated the Liberals; Clegg/Alexander/Huhne were laughed at  by even their erstwhile collaborators and fled on the final flights from Heathrow (ThatcherPort)  to join with their boss King Murdoch of  MurStraliadoch (The new name for Australia)

Those that have not fled South on foot across a desolate European continent  have taken control of the means of food & fuel production by commandeering all open land/forestry and creating people’s farms. The people work the farms to feed and keep themselves warm.  Polls have found that 75% of people working and subsisting on the land are content as millions of acres have been released from the vast estates of the aristocracy. People have plenty of room to farm, keep fed and warm.

It is reported that Folk and Traditional music and dance has become popular. Artistic and craft persons have become amongst the most valued members of society with joiners, artists, Smithys, Thatchers and  masons at the fore. As are millers, Bakers, butchers, and weavers.

Incursions by the Southern Authorities are easily deterred by the millions who stand in their way.  The people of the whole of Ireland and Scotland have declared themselves as Sovereign states with  Queen Grace O’ Malley II, crowned at Derry  and  King Gordon 1st  at Glasgow.  Wales Is soon to follow with the coronation of  Glyndŵr II at Caer yn Arfon. King  Glyndŵr has offered to the proletariat of Merseyside, inclusion in the “Cymru Newydd”

The Toothless Government of the South is now ruled by Lord Redwood after the mass suicide of the Tory Cabinet at downing street.  However the South prospers having pocketed a share of the Nations reserves from the Financial community, Aristocracy & Bankers  that fled to MurStraliadoch and Ashcroftilize.

The Southern Authorities are frantically constructing a defensive wall from the River Severn to The Wash.  They are frequently hindered by rebellious types from the affluent Colleges at Cambridge and Oxford who regularly interrupt the construction with their jaunty hunting escapades. (Tune in tomorrow for the next  exiting episode of OsCamWorld.)


TORYS provoking the poor?

The Tory millionaire scum via the FT are indicating that benefits may be cut by 10% for the unemployed/incapacitated & disabled. Why else use language like “Welfare Scroungers”?

This would mean for some of the 2 million or so  families on benefits a reduction of something like £16 per week possibly more. That represents two days food supplies.

If the SCUM included 0% rated VAT items like food & Fuel or even just raised VAT then you can  take away another days food.

The FT also indicated that Osbourne, via the B of E will introduce a mortgage cap of 75%. This will mean more people wanting to rent so rents will go up. Take away another days food as housing benefit is unlikely to rise.

This means a family on benefits will be forced to survive on  3 days food supply per week. Forget about rises in tobacco & alcohol they will be reserved for the wealthy.

Unemployment is predicted to rise at a rate not seen since the 70’s. Whilst the millionaires punish the least wealthy for the mistakes of their brothers in the financial world. Link below from todays independant.

I can’t see people taking this and doing nothing in reaction. Surely the Tory Scum must realise that. Are they provoking a fight? Why?

Related report from new Statesman this morning


Related report on unemployment in  21/6 Independant Sean O’Grady Economics editor http://bit.ly/aTxLF6


Rubbish to test site

Just some ramblings to try out this new blog.

Ban cyclists from pavements- strictly enforce £30 spot-fine.

Sue Cameron for defamation of Character – “Welfare-scroungers” he said. What about carers in the home they are forced to take benefits. Even Cameron said during the election after the row with the parent of a disabled son that “Carers provide £8.7bn worth of work” I presume that figure is an estimate of what Government would have to pay to care for disabled in the home otherwise.

Proper Liberal supporters should now completely disown the coalition and leave the already right-wing traitors to their fate in Government.

Road-tax to be replaced with a per-mile charge once technology allows.

Karaoke acts to be banned from Public houses. Top Tip :- take a Mp3 player remote control to a karaoke ‘band’ gig, hours of fun. They won’t come back.

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